Diploma Courses Offered

Diploma in Professional Bartending (Cocktails with flair mixology)
International Awards in Barista Skills
A barista is a person who is professionally trained in preparing coffee with a high level of skills in making espresso shots, and any other espresso based drinks including café lattes, mocha, cappuccinos etc. A barista's knowledge extends to operating coffee machines, coffee roasting and blends, frothing milk, and creating images on the coffee.
This Course empowers the trainees to efficiently run a coffee shop and be able to make all coffee drinks, teas, milkshakes, smoothies, frappes, frosties etc. Additionally, the trainees learn into detail from coffee farming to the bean to the cup. A barista's job is multi-faceted and involves handling technology, creating art, adapting to change, and dealing with customers.
Diploma in Food Preparation and Cooking
This is the advanced level in food and beverage practise.Candidates willing to become supervisors and managers learn on managerial and Administration roles.It covers food costing and controls,Basic human resource management operational skills,laws governing hospitality industry and hospitality arithmetics
Bakery & Confectionery Skills
This program prepares learners to a broad range of careers in the baking and pastry industry with confidence and practical experience to become world-class chefs.Our Training is a hands-on experience beginning with bread making, pastries and cake decorating.
Students will also gain entrepreneurial experience relating to business planning, sales and cost forecasting, marketing and capital costs with respect to the daily operation of a pastry shop. The Entrepreneurial skills provide opportunities for self-employment too.