Certificate Courses Offered

Certificate in Professional Bartending (Wine knowledge,Service& Cocktails)
Certificate in Professional Bartending (Cocktails with Free Pouring Techniques)
This is the introduction to Professional Bartending. The course deals in depth with Introduction to bartending, Bar tools and Equipment, Free Pouring techniques, Bar organization and arrangement, Methods of making cocktails. It targets candidates with good beverage knowledge.
Certificate in Barista Skills
This Course entirely prepares candidates interested in working in a coffee house. It covers into detail Introduction to Coffee Roasting, Coffee Brewing and Designs. It educates candidates in making different types of coffee and coffee designs, costing different types of coffee. A barista is a coffee expert who posses skills and full knowledge of coffee from the tree to the cup. Experience the best in espresso education with hands-on training using professional espresso equipment. Learn to make a latte, cappuccino, macchiato, or mocha drink from start to finish.
Certificate in Food & Beverages Sales and Services
This course helps develop careers in hospitality service industry.Our highly qualified lecturers do hands-on training in perfect service of food and beverage practise.Into detail,candidates learn about styles of food service,various world cuisines & menu types.The course develops wine butlers,waiters & bar-commis. For those willing to join reastaurants,hotels,conferences,lounge bars or Airline service crew,we'll take you through a world class customer care and service.Students also learn various basic SOPs involved in food & Beverage practise.
Certificate in Food Preperation & Cooking
Culinary arts is a discipline highly rated all over the world.Candidates learn more about world food cultures and finally manage to blend them and create food items beyond imaginations. We are equipped with all equipments necessary for practise and with these,candidates are taken through variious steps in food Procurement,Receiving,Storage,Portioning,Controls,Preparation and Dispatch.Into detail,candidates learn more about HACCP,menu planning,menu Engineering and Costing.For those willing to become Chefs,this is the best way to go.
Certificate in Baking and Pastry
This course helps develop candidates willing to secure opportunities in bakeries or pastry shops.Many young enterpreneurs start their own shops and make a living out of this.Special occasions like weddings,birthdays,anniversaries and farewells never go without a cake.Furthermore,the last course in a menu is dessert.This is a big seller and pastry chefs get credit for the good art-work they do in every food item they dispense